Burlington Residential Boiler Sales Installation Service Maintenance
A residential boiler is an example of a modern day luxury many people overlook. Most people have one and never think about it. Thankfully, there exist professionals whom you can hire to think about and maintain this vital piece of machinery for you. At Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc., our team prides itself on being reliable and professional in all Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) servicing matters. Our areas of expertise include the sale, installation, servicing and maintenance of boilers in residential homes in and surrounding the Burlington area.
A residential boiler allows for every-day comforts that would otherwise not be as easily achievable. But, what exactly is a boiler?

What is a boiler and where can I get one?

If you live in the Burlington, Ontario area, you are well aware of how cold Canadian winters can get. The purpose of a boiler is to provide heating. Some examples of heating methods that can be powered by a residential boiler include:
-Heated floors,
-In-pool heating,
and others. To say a boiler is a necessity is an understatement.
Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. is here to provide you with services related to the purchase, installation, inspection and maintenance of your residential boiler. Our team can accommodate different types and models of boilers, service most boiler locations and ensure quality of installation and repair. Our servicing is tailored to fit the unique goal you are trying to accomplish. Accredited and graded A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you can rest assured that any work done by Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. can be counted on.

Does my boiler need servicing?

A boiler is an integral part of a Canadian household. Given that it performs an important job for day-to-day life, it is imperative that you ensure your boiler is running properly to prevent accidents and guarantee you and your family’s comfort. A boiler experiences drastic temperature fluctuations in order to perform its job, and thus must be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear. Putting aside emergencies (during which you should call a professional right away), one of the easiest ways to ensure your boiler is running properly is to hire qualified professionals to inspect it yearly.

Can I inspect a residential boiler myself?

Though we recommend that you check on your boiler periodically to note if there is anything obviously and outwardly wrong, it is still important to have a professional look at it every year. A qualified contractor will be able to spot subtleties that will escape an untrained eye.
A thorough inspection includes, but is not limited to:
– A visual assessment of multiple working parts, such as the heat exchanger and the pilot flame
– Assessment of the boiler press and temperature settings
– Expansion tank and boiler feed examination
– Detection of signs of leakage
– Determining the condition of vital valves and vents, wiring and pumps
– Assuring proper venting clearances
– CO2 and carbon monoxide tests
Given the extensive nature of the inspection, hiring experts for the job also ends up being cost-effective in the long-run. Instead of letting a potentially minor issue evolve into something bigger, you will catch it early and prolong the life of your boiler- which can save you thousands of dollars.

What can Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. do for you?

In short, you can buy, have us install, service and maintain your residential boiler at Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. without having to go anywhere else. We always work with you to find the solution that is safest and most cost effective, and our expert opinion comes with thorough reasoning so that you are comfortable and satisfied with each decision.
As many previous customers can (and do) testify, there is nobody better to entrust all your boiler installation and maintenance requirements to. Keeping yourself and your family warm has never been easier. Contact us today to find out how we can accommodate your residential boiler needs.