Hamilton Residential Boiler Sales Installation Service Maintenance
At Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc., our team prides itself on being reliable and professional in all Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) servicing matters. Our areas of expertise include the sale, installation, servicing and maintenance of boilers in residential homes in and surrounding the Hamilton area.
The residents of Hamilton, Ontario, are a hard-working demographic of the GTA who deserve safe and comfortable homes to come back to after their tiring days. They also deserve effective and professional maintenance services available on stand-by in case they require it.

Who needs a boiler?

Boilers play an essential role in the day-to-day comfort of Canadians, seeing as how their main purpose is to provide heating against the harsh weather conditions encountered so far north of the Equator. In Hamilton, Ontario, the average annual winter temperature is -8 degrees Celsius. Many people already have a boiler in their homes and apartment buildings, but some may be looking to have one installed.

Boilers have a wide array of uses: to heat radiators, in-floor heating, pool-heating, and many others- but its main purpose is to keep a home warm. Our servicing is tailored to fit the unique goal you are trying to accomplish: whether that be to purchase a boiler to improve your home’s comfort, or simply have your boiler inspected in order to prolong its life. Our team can accommodate different types and models of boilers, service most boiler locations and ensure quality of installation and repair.

What does boiler servicing entail?

Due to the integral function of a boiler within the home, it is important that the boiler is inspected frequently by qualified professionals in order to ensure proper function and deter any potential accidents. A boiler experiences drastic temperature fluctuations in order to perform its job, and thus must be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear. A thorough inspection includes, but is not limited to:
– A visual assessment of multiple working parts, such as the heat exchanger and the pilot flame
– Assessment of the boiler press and temperature settings
– Expansion tank and boiler feed examination
– Detection of signs of leakage
– Determining the condition of vital valves and vents, wiring and pumps
– Assuring proper venting clearances
– CO2 and carbon monoxide tests
Given the extensive nature of a proper boiler inspection, it is easy to see why it’s important to hire qualified professionals for the job. A good inspection should determine what servicing your boiler needs, if any, or if your boiler needs to be replaced due to its age or compromised nature.

What can Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. do for you?

You can buy, have us install, service and maintain your residential boiler at Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. without having to go anywhere else. We always work with you to find the solution that is safest and most cost effective, and our expert opinion comes with thorough reasoning so that you are comfortable and satisfied with each decision.
In light of how essential boilers are for residential comfort, our team is happy to assist you with all your boiler needs in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Accredited and graded A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you can rest assured that any work done by Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. can be counted on. As many previous customers can, and do, testify, there is nobody better to entrust all your boiler installation and maintenance requirements to. Contact us today to find out how we can accommodate your residential boiler needs.


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