hiring contractor for boiler installation repair Hamilton
By Keith Murray
As we all know, in the construction world there are some things that are not meant for DIY. Those things mainly entail big jobs that only professionals should take on to ensure they are done safely.

One of those jobs is definitely installation and maintenance of your boiler. Whether your boiler is having issues and needs replacing, you’re looking to install a new boiler, or even if you’re just looking for a simple routine checkup, it is important to consider a few things before hiring somebody on for the task.

Today, we’ll give you some pointers on what you should look for when choosing a contractor.

1. Qualifications

Before you even think about hiring someone on, it is important to note if they are actually qualified for the job at hand. Their professional credentials are important due to the specialized nature of installing and maintaining boilers. You can ask them upfront if they can provide proof of their credentials, or most times an established company will be certified by a regulatory organization which inspires confidence. If a contractor refuses to show you their credentials, it could be a warning sign.

2. References

When shopping around for a dependable contractor, you’re likely to ask your inner circle for recommendations. This is a good idea, as your friends and family are likely to be honest about their experience with contractors instead of sugar-coating things. The only issue with this is that going on word-of-mouth alone can lead to complications- everyone’s situation is different and every job requires a different set of skills. While a specific contractor may have worked for your uncle, it’s not always a guarantee he’ll meet your expectations as well. It’s a good idea to branch outside of your own circle and ask the contractors themselves for references- these can be previous and impartial clients, collaborating companies… but let’s be real, the easiest way to check out a contractor’s work is to visit their website.

3. Online Presence

How one presents themselves online is a huge factor in a business’s success in 2021. While not every contractor will have a stellar online presence, it is likely that you’ll at least be able to find some customer reviews. These can be a good indicator of a contractor or contracting company’s track record. If you’re looking to be as safe as possible, most established contracting companies are bound to have a decent website. On their website they should have listed the services they can provide, easily accessible contact information, and perhaps a gallery of previous work. If their online store-front inspires confidence, it’s worth giving them a call to discuss your individual needs. This leads us into our perhaps most important factor:

4. Communication and Realistic Expectations

You need to be able to express your goals and concerns to your contractor freely- the level that they are willing to listen and collaborate with you may be a good indicator of how the job will go. As mentioned before, every job is different and good communication is crucial on both sides to ensure the installation or repair goes smoothly. Should complications arise, it is important that issues are communicated instead of hidden. On the same note, it should raise a red flag if a contractor promises something that seems too good to be true. If every other company that you’ve looked at gave you a certain price range and time frame, it’s fair to be skeptical of someone who says they can do it for half the price and time. More research needs to be conducted at that point and other factors (such as the ones listed above) considered.

In the end, some jobs don’t have much wiggle room for error and thus require professionals to attend to it. Doing your due diligence in all of these areas before hiring a contractor for you boiler service or repair job can save you a lot of money and give you peace of mind that the job was done right.

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