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The Importance of Servicing and Maintaining your Boiler

By Keith Murray

As time progresses, so does technology along with it. In an ever evolving world where technology is used to make our lives better, it is important that we keep up with and try to understand the machinery we invite into our homes and businesses.

A popular choice for heating, either of water or air, is called a boiler. Some home and business owners may find they already possess a boiler in their buildings, while others may be looking into having one installed.

What exactly is a boiler? A boiler is a machine that heats our homes and businesses by using hot water under pressure. It also can be used for domestic water heating purposes. There are two main types: Fire Tube Boilers and Water Tube Boilers. Both are similar in design and functionality, with small differences manifesting themselves in terms of efficiency and design complexity. Fire Tube Boilers are more common yet less complex, but they achieve the same ultimate goal as the more complicated Water Tube Boilers. Both designs have one main thing in common: they require that a fuel source be burned in order to function. Fuel sources vary but the most common are natural gas and propane.

As with all combustion reliant mechanisms, there are risks associated with having and operating a boiler- domestically or commercially. While accidents are rare, they are not to be taken lightly. If not maintained properly, a boiler has the potential to cause damage to your home or business.

What is the easiest way to avoid a boiler accident? Get your boiler professionally inspected annually.

Boilers are incredibly complex pieces of machinery that make our modern, day to day lives enjoyable and comfortable. While they are indeed remarkable in their ability to heat our homes, businesses, and water, they are also delicate in their design. They warrant annual inspections from qualified professionals to ensure they continue to run smoothly and do not pose as a liability.

The safest approach is to prevent an accident by having professionals inspect- and repair, if necessary- your boiler every single year. Prevention is always better and cheaper than reaction. Even if there is nothing apparently wrong with your boiler, simple steps such as upgrading old equipment and maintaining cleanliness can save you a lot of money and heartache. Having your boiler installed, maintained and repaired by a professional team can be the difference between confident prevention and costly aftermath management.
In between professional inspections, home and business owners can do a routine checkup on their own to monitor if any obvious issues should arise. However, once a year a professional team will be able to spot, repair, and prevent damages to your boiler so that is it one less thing you have to worry about.

In short, if you take care of your boiler, it will take care of you. As home and business owners, that is a comforting fact that we can rely on.

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